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def zope-extfile-1.4.2::ExtImage::ExtImage::manage_create_prev (   self,
  maxx = 0,
  maxy = 0,
  ratio = 0,
  REQUEST = None 

Create a preview Image 

Definition at line 288 of file ExtImage.py.

00288                                                                        :
        """ Create a preview Image """
        maxx, maxy = self._formatDimensions(maxx, maxy)
        if maxx!=0 and maxy!=0:
            self._register()    # Register with TM
                new_fn = self._get_ufn(self.prev_filename, content_type='image/jpeg')
                self._createPreview(self.filename, new_fn, maxx, maxy, ratio)
            finally: self._dir__unlock()
        if REQUEST is None:
            return self.has_preview
            if self.has_preview: 
                return self.manage_main(self, REQUEST, manage_tabs_message='Preview created.')
            elif maxx=='0' and maxy=='0':
                return MessageDialog(
                    title = 'Attention',
                    message = "You must enter a value > 0",
                    action = './manage_main',)
                return MessageDialog(
                    title = 'Warning',
                    message = "An error occurred while generating the preview.",
                    action = './manage_main',)
    # File upload Interface
    security.declareProtected(AccessPermission, 'manage_uploadForm')
    manage_uploadForm = HTMLFile('dtml/extImageUpload', globals())

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