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zope-extfile-1.4.2::IExtFile::IExtImage Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for zope-extfile-1.4.2::IExtFile::IExtImage:


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Detailed Description

ExtImage public interface

Definition at line 70 of file IExtFile.py.

Public Member Functions

def format
def get_filename
def get_prev_filename
def get_prev_size
def get_size
def getContentType
def getIconPath
def height
def icon_gif
def icon_html
def index_html
def is_broken
def is_webviewable
def link
def manage_afterUpdate
def manage_create_prev
def manage_del_prev
def manage_editExtFile
def manage_file_upload
def manage_file_upload
def manage_http_upload
def manage_http_upload
def manage_upload
def manage_upload
def prev_height
def prev_size
def prev_width
def preview
def preview_html
def size
def static_mode
def static_url
def tag
def view_image_or_file
def width

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